About the service

This service is used for the digital fulfillment of presentation obligations. All goods that have been filed in ICS2 must be presented through this API. From March 2023, this includes all goods transported by air from third countries, and from June 3, 2024, it will also apply to goods transported by other means of transport. Third countries refer to nations outside the European security zone (EU, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, and Norway excluding Svalbard). Eventually, the same service can be used for national duties as well. Presentation can be made by submitting an entire entry summary declaration (ENS), a receptacle or individual house consignments. If a receptacle or an entry summary declaration is presented, all individual consignments under it will be presented as well. Furthermore, the operator presenting the consignments should also use the routing service to receive control routing before the goods can be released. When presenting ICS2 consignments, routing will be at House Consignment-level (for certain operators, the routing service at the transport level may be relevant in regard to other national obligations). Based on the routing response, the consignments should be promptly delivered to the agreed location if the signal TO_CONTROL is received. The consignments should not be released until the signal TO_ENTRY is received

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The presentation services should be called as soon as the consignment has arrived. By including the requestId in every call, you as the consumer can ensure that a consignment is presented only once. Reusing the same requestId will result in validation errors. This is only a technical identification of each service call. The status of all requests can be retrieved by using the validation-status service.

Once a consignment has been correctly presented, the control direction signal can be retrieved from the routing service. This signal provides information on whether the consignment needs to be delivered for inspection or if it can be cleared and released to the recipient. Control direction is performed at the individual consignment level (house consignment). When presenting at the receptacle or ENS (Entry Summary Declaration) level, the result for all individual consignments pre-notified within the respective receptacle or ENS will be retrieved. By using a marker as input, you can easily retrieve changes since the last call.

Interface Description

The services are made available over HTTPS, with authentication via Maskinporten.

     POST https://<env>/api/movement/presentation/v1/house-consignment
     POST https://<env>/api/movement/presentation/v1/receptacle
     POST https://<env>/api/movement/presentation/v1/entry-summary-declaration

     GET https://<env>/api/movement/presentation/v1/validation-status
     GET https://<env>/api/movement/routing/v1/house-consignment

where <env> is

The API will be subject to changes as required by Norwegian Customs for the end goal of having a complete presentation service for all obligations when goods arrive. We will, as far as possible, make backwards compatible changes, but if breaking changes must be, the service will be versioned and users notified. Backwards compatible changes will be added without version updates or notifications.


Code sets

Customs Office of presentation CL141

Customs Office of Presentation is validated against the EU code set Reference Data & Customs Offices List (europa.eu)

Transport document type CL754

CL754    Transport document type

Code Description English Description Norwegian


Form 302 - Movement of military goods

Form 302 - Forflytning av forsvarsmateriell


Rhine Manifest

Rhine manifest


CN22 declaration according to Article 237 of the Regulation (ECC) No 2454/93

CN22 deklarasjon i henhold til Article 237 of the Regulation (ECC) No 2454/93


CN23 declaration according to Article 237 of the Regulation (ECC) No 2454/93

CN23 deklarasjon i henhold til Article 237 of the Regulation (ECC) No 2454/93


House waybill

Underfraktbrev (samlesending)


Master bill of lading



Bill of lading



House bill of lading

Underkonnossement (samlesending)


Consignment note CIM

Fraktbrev CIM


Road list - SMGS



Road consignment note



Air waybill



Master airwaybill



Movement by post including parcel post

Forflytning med post inkludert pakkepost


Multimodal / combined transport document

Dokument for kombinert transport

Authentication – Data exchange between the business sector and Norwegian Customs

Our APIs use "Maskinporten" for identity and access management. On the page Maskinporten you will find information on

The scope used for this API is toll:movement/entry.


For testing purposes, the playground environment can be used.

The validation of submitted messages includes, among other things, a check to ensure that the specified references to Entry Summary Declaration, receptacle, and transport document number exist. The playground invironment is not integraded with other systems, so the content is validated against a static dataset that contains a few values.

Entry Summary Declaration MRN Receptacle ID TransportDocumentHouseLevel – documentNumber TransportDocumentHouseLevel – type
23NO00000000000001 GBASFZMLBKONAUN30001001019999 NO100000001MU N750
23NO00000000000002 GBASFZMLBKONAUN30001001019999 NO100000002MU N750
23NO00000000000003 HC001 N740
23NO00000000000003 HC002 N740
23NO00000000000004 HC001 N703
23NO00000000000004 HC002 N703

Both presentation and routing services will give responses based on these existing data. Other input values will result in validation errors upon submission.

Feedback and contact

If you have questions or suggestions regarding the API, please email us at ics2-kontakt@toll.no