About the service

The API supports the submission of documents. To use the service, the scope for authentication in Maskinporten must be set to toll:goodsdeclaration/document.write

Interface description

The services are made available as REST services over HTTPS, with data in JSON format.

POST https://<env>/api/goodsdeclaration/document/v2/declaration-id/{DeclarationID}/document

where <env> is

and {DeclarationID} is substituted with TVINN declaration ID in the following format: "123456789-01092023-1", where the first part is the declarant number, the second part is the declaration date (format ddmmyyyy), and the third part is the sequence number.

HTTP Request

Method: POST
End point: /goodsdeclaration/document/v2/declaration-id/{DeclarationID}/document



Postman Example


Screenshot from Postman


Screenshot from Postman

Authentication – Data exchange between the business sector and Norwegian Customs

Our APIs use Maskinporten for identity and access management. On the page Maskinporten you will find information on

The scope used for this API is toll:goodsdeclaration/document.write.